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Where faith meets imagination - urban fantasy for the soul

What if the

monsters are real?

When Kelly’s sister is attacked by strange animals, Kelly is determined to learn the truth behind the assault. What she discovers - drugs, trafficking, and the shadowy existence of shapeshifters, is enough to shake even the most rational person.

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“It's fun to find a book not typical of this genre. I loved the family theme woven into suspense and mystery. I also loved the faith lightly woven in ...”


“I typically read mystery/suspense and was pleasantly surprised how this author used these elements with such expertise making me a fan.”

GG Wagner

“I loved how she weaved God into the story—not preachy, just normal.”

Ginger Solomon

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About Piper and her books

Piper grew up with an over-active imagination that allowed every probable moment of boredom to be filled instead with two wonderful words... what if?

Piper is the author of the Fighting in Shadows series, a clean YA/New Adult contemporary fantasy series that asks "What if...shapeshifters were real?" She is currently at work on a new cozy supernatural mystery series.

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